Yoshitomario, or "Yoshi", is a British YouTuber and friend of TeamCrafted but more friends with friends of TeamCrafted with approximately 70,000 subscribers. He hardy done videos with them, One he did do was Cops and Robbers and mod video (mod v mod). In the About section of his channel, he says his channel is mainly Minecraft based on "Doing things he loves. Starting in September 2016, he took a long break from YouTube after uploading Pokemon Uranium Part 3. The break lasted until June 2017, when he uploaded a video titled "The most important video I'll ever make." This video partially explains why he was away from YouTube for some time, but also served as a "coming-out" video. He did not upload again for a few months, but afterwards, he started streaming on Twitch.  As of November 2017, he is in the progress of playing "A Hat in Time" on his channel. He has stated that he will probably not be uploading Minecraft again for some time. Other facts: -He is a baen00b -He is a fart -He is made art by Erika -Dank Memes -yeah this is now a meme page :) -Serious Facts -He started YouTube when he was 13 years old. -He started as a Nintedo YouTuber before switching to Minecraft. -His first video project was Super Mario Sunshine for Nintendo Gamecube -He started playing Minecraft around 2010-2011, but still uploaded other gaming videos -His focus switched to Minecraft around 2014. -He came out as gay in June 2017.

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Hugh Murrell


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