The following is a scam report which includes information on DeadloxMc,Setosorcerer, and their manager from Team Crafted scamming their paid clients.


DeadloxMC and Setosorcerer and Douglas Brue


Douglas Brue, Douglas IRL, mdsbrue, Finnian Brue, DouglasDM

DeadloxMC, Deadlox, Ty Ellis

Setosorcerer, Seto

Deal Date:

Jul 29, 2013

Scamming Date:

Nov 15, 2013

Amount Scammed:

950 USD

Incident Details:

I was contacted by a person named "Hayes Almand" around July 20th, 2013 who represented some medium sized youtubers and worked under a person named "Douglas."

Info on Douglas so everyone knows who I am referring to:

Skype: mdsbrue


I talked to Douglas and we set up a plan for what the two youtubers were going to do for the first video. The deal was $1,900 for 2 videos and 4 tweets from EACH youtuber. A day or so later I was contacted by Deadlox and Setosorcerer on Skype and we discussed what they were going to do. They tweeted once each, recorded, edited, and uploaded one video in total and tweeted once more. So they made 2 videos and tweeted 4 times.

A 1-2 months later I contacted Douglas via email to schedule a second video. He replied once then never got back to me. I have emailed him many times between then and now and I have never been able to organize anything or get more than one response. Both Deadlox and Setosorcerer removed me off of their Skype (and I think blocked me.)

I attempted to reach Deadlox through a youtube message and was able to get in contact with him via email, but after a reply or two he completely ignored me. I talked to Hayes, the guy who initially contacted me and he informed me that Douglas scammed him and never gave him any money for the clients he referred to him.


Initial Emails:

Purchase proof:

Second email

Trying to reach out to them once

Trying to reach out to them again

Provided Services

DeadloxMc: (

Video 1/2: Minecraft Mini-Game: Block Defence!!! "SNEAKY DEADLOX!"

Tweet 1/4:

Tweet 2/4:

Setosorcerer: (

Video 1/2: Minecraft Mini-Game Block Defence w/ Deadlox! - Red Vs Blue!

Tweet 1/4:

Tweet 2/4:


Videos: 2/4

Tweets: 4/8

More proof demonstrating Douglas is a liar

He contradicts himself in this conversation several times pulling false information out of nowhere with nothing to support his claims. At one point he even claims to be a different Douglas.