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Kicked from Team Crafted.Edit

Seto was kicked from Team Crafted due to Bajan Canadian (Mitchell "Mitch" Donell Ralph Hughes ) bringing up the topic to the group on August 13, 2013. All members of Team Crafted decided to vote him out except for Deadlox. Supposedly, this is because he did not fit to Team Crafted's particular style (being more comedic than informative like Seto) and did not show his face; therefore not showing up to events that wanted every member of Team Crafted to be there. Also, they decided on shooting various comedy skits with the members of Team Crafted, which would involve Seto's appearance. After Mitch suggested to have Seto removed from team crafted they all sat down in a Skype call, explaining the reasonings. This was confirmed in a tweet from Mitch which explained some of the matter. Yet many of Seto's fans are still furious of his departure from Team Crafted. All members of Team Crafted are supposedly on good terms with Seto as friends. However, a response video that Seto put up on YouTube, which has since been taken down, stated that this is not the case. Team Crafted told Seto that they would still engage in recording sessions with him. However, Seto also said in his response video that this is not the case.

Seto stated in his response video that he had suffered from several depressive episodes after being kicked from the group, stating that Team Crafted were the first real group of friends he had had. He stated that he would have trouble sleeping often as most of his thoughts were concerned with the matter, he also tried to kill him self due to hate comments.

Deadlox was the only member of Team Crafted who stood against the reasons for the kicking of Seto and argued for him to remain in the group. In the Skype call where Seto was decided to be kicked from the group, Deadlox stood against the rest of Team Crafted. Deadlox is also the only "official" member of Team Crafted still featured on his channel page.

Seto also stated distaste for the way that he was kicked, stating that he was given no warning of the ban, whilst Cavemanfilms received two warning and Kermit received one warning. Seto saw this as unfair.

After this, SkyDoesMinecraft posted a tweet (which he deleted but was believed to be directed to Seto) saying that he had known Seto for 4 years but, Seto still hasn't trusted Adam enough to tell him his real name.

Now, Seto has said he is going to start off from scratch with his channel and move on from all of this.

In a recent channel update video, he stated that when he posted his video, he told his subscribers that he wanted them forget the incident. He also told them Sky apologized already. He even asked the ones who reposted his video to put them down, which they gladly did, despite the videos giving them high amount of views

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