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Sethbling (Real name Seth Hendrickson) is a famous Minecrafter who makes many kinds of Minecraft games. He is featured in many videos who is famous for his redstone videos. In the beginning of his videos he says "Welcome back, Sethbling here." His Minecraft skin is Mario. And he has +1,000,000 subscribers.

Mini GamesEdit

Some of his famous mini games are Super Craft Bros, Team Fortress 2, The Building Game, and Deathswap, and his parkour maps are called the Parkour1000 and 15 seconds.

Seth made inventions like The Video Maker, or Pizza Queef, His most famous video is Bite-Sized Minecraft which is a Animation/Skit that is for The LOLs (Laugh Out Louds). He has also made many games, for example: "TNT Olympics".


Sethbling is a whitelisted member of the famous server, Mindcrack that was founded by GuudeBoulderFist. Mindcrack was the first to ever hold UHC. Sethbling owns BlingMart at the spawntown in the server which is one of the best market in town. SethBling has been associated with the Mindcrack server before being part of the Survival Multiplayer series. He appeared in several seasons, and has won 2 of the 5 seasons of UHC he has appeared in.( Season 9:Lost Season 12:Won Season 13:Won Season14:Lost Season 15:lost). He does not regurlarly post mindcrack videos on his youtube channel.


Sethbling is a Master of Redstone, evidenced by the minigames that he makes with just redstone alone. The majority of Seth's videos are redstone tutorials. He shows what he did in order to create the project. He usually tries to recreate a game or object from real life into Minecraft. His most popular video of Redstone is his very own video generator in Minecraft!

"Redstone Is my life in minecraft, removing it would cause me to stop everything" -SethBling, 2010.

Current Minecraft SeriesEdit

Seth has many kinds of series, incuding:

  • UHC (Ultra HardCore)
  • BlingPlugin (adds in many new, fun concepts to the game)
  • Seth's many Command Block/Redstone inventions! (not much of a series)