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Brandon has a Twitch account which has the same user name as his YouTube Channel. He often streams SMP series there, for example, Crazier Craft, Pixelmon, Troll Pack, Ark, etc.

He often breaks down when someone sends big cheers (a method to donate to the streamers) to him. For example, in his Ark Season 2 #2 video, A viewer on Twitch which He called "Oklahoma" sent in total US$500 worth of cheers. He ended up eating marshmallows on stream and going silence every time when he receives a cheers from the viewer.

Name Origin Edit

PeteZahHutt Logo

PeteZahHutt's profile picture for his channel.

His name came from a combination his brother's friend's name, Pete or Peter, and when they both made fun of the restaurant "Pizza Hut" with his name. He had to make an account name for his Xbox account and small YouTube channel, so he ended up naming it "PeteZahHutt".


Brandon in 2015 with his No Shave November beard

He's a very bigbadmanpig -Choco

His Youtube Channel Edit

His YouTube channel has 800k subs and he has had it for 4 years

He is currently 20 years old and lives with his girlfriend Kara

He often drinks bottled water on videos and whilst streaming, making people to think he is sponsored by that bottled water brand. He clarified in one of his videos that he wasn't sponsored by the brand.

Intro: Hey guys, Petezahhutt or Brandon here and welcome to another episode of...

Freinds: The Pack, Chocothechocobo, Jonsandman

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