New UHC Group: Edit


  • Woofless (organiser)
  • NoochM
  • Vikkstar123HD
  • TBNR Frags
  • Real TBNR Kenworth
  • Bajan Canadian
  • Petezahhutt
  • Jayg3r
  • CraftBattleDuty (Lachlan is Bae )
  • LegendxTaz
  • Acidic Blitzz
  • ASF Jerome
  • ChocotheChocobo
  • xRpMx13

INFO: Edit

After spending 5/6 seasons in a group of other UHCers hosted by Turq, 12 YouTubers left due to issues with the most recent seasons. Rob aka Woofless started a new group of UHCers. The 12 YouTubers that left plus JAEG3R played UHC on the Arkham Network Server. They have played 2 seasons to date. Both the seasons went on for 9-10 episodes. this is really long considering there were only 12 players. Both seasons were solo.

.... more to come