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MinecraftUniverse, was a member of Team Crafted, which recently joined to play cops and robbers, whose real name is Jason Allen Probst, also called TrueMU (Stokes is ONLY a music alias or stage name, and Parks was just a rumor on tumblr). He is notable for his bounty of mod reviews and Attack of the B-Team. He also likes playing adventure maps. He also came up with Dillon the Bat and Jeffrey the Pig in 2 different mod reviews, which are both the animals are pictured on either side of his Youtube logo. He currently has 2m+ subscribers and 152,000,000 views. Jason left YouTube towards the end of 2016 and claims it is to pursue making music.  

Jason does many different videos of Minecraft, including adventure maps, parkour maps, mod reviews, many assorted mini-games, and a Hexxit modded survival. He also has made fifteen songs: Eclipse, Adventure, Eclipse Remix, Criminal, Fright, Oasis, Pokemon Battle, Madness, Klüb Ice, Apex, S.U.P., Push, Next Level, a remix of ILOVEMAKONNEN feat. Drake's song "Tuesday" and Mask, the most recent one. Adventure is the intro to his Hexxit modded survival, and Eclipse is his outro. Eclipse Remix is claimed to be "just a more techno version" of Eclipse. Yet, the song Criminal, has nothing to do with his minecraft channels but it was the first appearance of his stage name or music alias, Jason Stokes. All fifteen are dubstep, techno or trap songs he created on his own using his laptop, using a DJ Mixer called FL Studio, and are also available for purchase on ITunes and BandCamp.  

quotes________________________________________________________________________________ "hello stars!"  

Name origin Edit

He loves space and the universe, which is why he resides to the name MinecraftUniverse. He had an old Minecraft account with his username being dingkey, but a short while after he got his Minecraft channel he asked his friend what his Minecraft name should be and his friend replied with the name TrueMU because people would know its the real MinecraftUniverse and there was a milk called "TrooMoo".

Skin designEdit

His skin is a E.V.A blue spartan with a jet pack with flames coming out of the engine.

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