Cib in real life.

Cibseption (real name Clayton James) is a gaming YouTuber whose channels feature many games including; Minecraft, Gmod and FNAF. His main channel currently has 125,000 subscribers. He currently lives in LA with MlgHwnt – who frequently appears in his videos.

Cib is doing a series at the moment called “Car Boyz” with Steven Suptic, formerly known as MlgHwnt, being a Co-host there have been many guests on the show including; [Gizzy14Gazza], BigMacNation, Garrett. Cib also has another series running called "You say it I do it" which is popular between his fans. Cib used to do a series called "Cib's pick's" and "How to nerd style".

As well as gaming, Cib is also kAfter Ever After’, titled ‘During Ever After.’

Cib also likes to keep in regular contact with his fans through social media. More specifically Instagram and Twitter

Minecraft skin Edit

Cib’s Minecraft skin is a yellow duck in a black suit. His skin will often change for skits.
Cib MC Skin

Cib's MC Skin

Appearance Edit

He has short dark brown hair with bright blue eyes. He normally wears a tank top with shorts and flip flops he never wears socks. He also wears a headband. Majority of the time he wears a pink rubber bracelet.

Trivia Edit

  • Cib's favourite colours are red and blue.
  • He is 22 years old. His birthday is 18th of April 1995.
  • Cib enjoys sports, including; Skateboarding, Ice hockey and Snowboarding.
  • He has 4 channels; Cibseption, Cib Daily, Cib Games, Clayton James
  • His star sign is Aries
  • Cib's Hive fives get rejected a lot. Almost every video that he has recorded with someone.