Known for his series, The Minecraft Files, ChimneySwift11 is a YouTuber and friend of Team Crafted. He also produces videos for things such as mini games and mod reviews. He is also known for including characters in his videos like Tropicat, Melvin and Pilot Pig.

He is commonly known for his tooth, and his name is based off a kind of bird that enters chimneys (a Chimneyswift). He plays games with Team Crafted and other hel

Attack of the B-Team is a modpack from BDoubleO100 & GenerikB, and plays on their server for the modpack. The server members are:

  • GenerikB
  • BDoubleO100
  • Glis6
  • Keralis1
  • Chimneyswift11
  • Skyzm
  • MrWoofless
  • Pungence
  • Paulsoaresjr.

Chimney focuses on the witchery mod,he likes witching people and is very powerful.He has 7 'Hocruxes' (Harry Potter) that are hidden and rigged.He is so powerful that it may take the whole server to try and stop him.He lives in an onimous woods. Pets:(In order of appereance)

  • Raven (Cat)
  • Gus (Cow)
  • Croaker (Toad)

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