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An image of the diamond axe, more commonly known as "Betty" in Jerome and Mitch's Hunger Games series.

Betty is a diamond axe that mainly shows up in Jerome and Mitch's Hunger Games series. Betty is Jerome's favorite weapon in combat,and Mitch sometimes uses her. In their Hunger Games series, they often make "Betty" instead of a diamond sword. Takes 3 diamonds and 2 sticks to craft, and does the equivalent damage as an iron sword. Jerome uses the axe to scare people because "If they see a guy running around using an axe,which does less damage and costs more materials, they'll think the guy has a few loose screws."

In his Pixelmon series, Jerome named his Gyarados after Betty, despite the fact that it is a male pokemon. Betty is also a part of the axe family along with Fredrick the iron axe, Silvia the sacrificial gold axe, Mr. Betty the former wood axe, and "dat axe" which is any stone axe. In one of Mitch's Hunger Games episodes (before Episode 400), Jerome and Mitch revealed that Betty is also related to Big Bertha, the diamond sword.

Notable Information[]

  • On Nexus v2, the honorable Betty does the same damage as a diamond sword.
  • Betty is widely known in the Minecraft community due to Jerome, who was most likely to first to call the diamond axe that.